Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale 2013

Hello loves! Yesterday was the beginning of the Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale 2013 and I just couldn’t resist!

I don’t typically shop at Bath and Body Works, but their marketing people are geniuses (“injeanious”!!). They take all of their seasonal merchandise, as well as a selection of discontinued and online exclusive products, and discount them to ridiculously low prices! For example, a fragrance mist that would normally retail for approximately $14 is slashed to $2.50 – I couldn’t help but be sucked in.

Bath and Body Works offer their Semi Annual Sale twice per year – once in the Summer, and again right after Christmas. I have come to realize that there is really no other time to shop there – unless you happen to be partial to one of their “Signature Collection” products, which are staples and aren’t typically included in the Semi Annual Sales.

I shopped the sale for the sole purpose of procuring 3-wick candles, which normally retail for $20-$22. I was able to find them for $10 each and used a coupon for further discounts. Below is a video of my haul:




Ice Cream Shop 3-Wick Candle

• Garden Freesia 3-Wick Candle
(In Store Only)

Country Apple Shower Gel

Aruba Coconut Body Lotion

Honey Sweetheart Fine Fragrance Mist

Honey Sweetheart Triple Moisture Body Cream

Vanilla Berry Sorbet Hand Soap

• First Bloom Wallflower Plug
(In Store Only)


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