Lola is my Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy born on May 22, 2015 & gifted to my for my birthday. Her registered name is Lady Lourdes Carney – aka Lourdes, a nickname for which is Lola.


I have been wanting a Cavalier for probably almost five years now. My love for them actually stems from my relationship with a completely different breed – the Bernese Mountain Dog. I rescued a Bernese in 2010 from an ex who abandoned her in Texas and asked my parents to help me foster her until we found her a home. My mom fell in love with her, though, so she remains there as a permanent part of their family.

I love the affable nature and general disposition of our Berner, but living in a condo, I can’t really accommodate a dog that size right now. The Cavalier is very similar in temperament, yet in a smaller package. The perfect fit! I always receive an excess of attention and many inquiries wherever we go, as Cavaliers are a very coveted breed – especially here in Texas. So Lola may be featured in some of my posts here and there. She is a part of my family and I’m incredibly lucky to have such a loveable little ball of fur in my life.

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